Thursday, February 16, 2006

Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu

The Canadian Wing Chun Kung Fu Association headed by Master Lewadny has been successfully training students across Canada since 1987. The Canadian Wing Chun Association has academies in Calgary, Kelowna, Penticton, Victoria, Thunder Bay and Ottawa, as well as other satellite locations.Instruction in both Hard style (Modern) Wing Chun and Soft style (Cheung) Wing Chun. Instruction also available in Weapons training and Chi-Kung Techniques. Also available instruction in other forms of Kung-fu (Hung-Gar, Woo-Dip and Chin-Na, private lessons only). Chief Instructor and Founder Sifu Brian Lewadny has 40 years of Kung-fu training and has traveled the world to learn only the most effective techniques to teach to his students here in Canada.

Schools in the Canadian Wing Chun Association teach a complete version of Wing Chun that embraces the best of both Traditional and modified versions of Wing Chun. We refer to this simply as Wing Chun since it reflects the optimized nature of Wing Chun, always seeking the simplest, most direct path.

The Principles of Wing ChunWing Chun is a scientific and pragmatic system of self defense. All angles and positioning are specifically designed for maximum speed, control and simplicity in defense or counter attack. Unlike other martial arts, Wing Chun was specifically designed by Shaolin kung fu masters to dominate all other fighting styles and is the most efficient self defense system for men or women against any size of attacker.

The centerline runs down the center of your body. Your balance and strength flow up from the ground out through your centerline and most attacks are directed at your center. Therefore, we move away from the attack line, using our centerline to counterattack on an angle where we are strong and the opponent is weak, an angle where an opponent can not easily defend or counter.
Forward Intention
Maintaining forward intention, a dynamic forward energy even when still, allows you to sense and counter an opponent more easily with less energy and allow you to maximize economy of motion.

Economy of Motion
Wing Chun is not interested in beating around the bush, it goes directly to the point, ending a conflict quickly with minimal effort. The ideal defense is to end the conflict before a full attack can even be launched.

Face the Point of Contact
Our strength flows from the centerline, so we always face the point of contact to maximize our energy and simplify the technique. Our defense and counter attack will then maximize our strength and speed. This also helps build confidence that we can dissolve attacks from any size of attacker.

Simplicity is the overarching principle of Wing Chun. No flowery but impractical moves are part of the system. Maintaining forward intention and keeping it simple will allow you to maximize speed and end conflicts with the least effort possible. As students progress from beginners to advanced, they learn a lot of techniques but also learn the art of doing less for maximized speed, power and self control.